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They came for me in the car. I sat in the back seat and the one who sat in the front turned to me and took my hand as I stood frozen and waited for them on the street. We bought a bottle of champagne and got to the hotel quickly. We went to the hotel, went into the room and I immediately remembered that this room is where I was with three men in the summer .)))))))

wife double penetration

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My wife and I belong to a swinger’s club and went to a house party one night – the hostess of the party, like my wife, absolutely loves being with more than 1 guy at a time, so there was more than 3 guys to every 1 woman. There were 6 or 7 couples and about 20 single guys.

Anyway, my wife and I went to play in separate rooms, and after I’d been with a couple of different women I took a break and went looking for my wife. I found her in the master bedroom, on here back, with a black guy fucking her hard and fast in her pussy. Her ass was gaping and leaking cum, there was cum all around and over her hanging-open mouth, and all over her tits. There were 3 guys standing around with hardons waiting their turn with her.

I have no idea how many guys had used her so far, but when I tried to talk to her she was barely coherent, she was cumming so hard and often – she just opened up her mouth and moaned, so I had one of the guys standing around feed her his cock. She wasn’t quite fucked until she passed out, but she was definitely on the verge. The next morning when we left, she was so sore she could hardly walk.

We’ve talked about it, and we’d like to line up a really big gangbang for her – she’s had up to 7 guys at a time so far, but we’re thinking like 15 or 20. All just using her and her holes for their pleasure. Wonder if she’d actually pass out when we do that?


Hi my name is David and I am a 25 year old man who’s now just starting to really enjoy watching his young wife with much older men.

Now this is my first story about what happened the very first time that I had ever watched my young wife with a much older man.

I was sitting in my chair and getting bored while waiting for my wife to get dressed. So I then called out. “Come on Jenny hurry up, or we will be late for your little office party.”

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When i first started dating Brandi, who is now my wife gave me the best sex of my life. We would make love for hours in every possible position. It was hot, steamy and fun. She’s a small bbw about 5’6″ shoulder length blonde hair very cute with a big ass built for fucking and a set of C cup tits with pink nipples that love getting sucked. Over the last three years we have been swinging,mostly with other couples separate room kind of play,never had the urge to see my wife getting fucked by another guy kind of thing.

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I did not know if this was an actual group or just a bunch of guys just chatting. My husband wants me to sleep with a black man and not use any form of birth control. I did ask him what if I get pregnant and he states we will raise our love child together.

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I found a black stud from this forum and invited him to us.

But then later, as she was on her back he was massaging her clitoris with his unsheathed cock and she was moaning and panting and obviously wanting him to penetrate and he really wanting to penetrate and about to …. BUT I just couldn’t let it happen. I realised then that I am not a true cuckold and I am not ready to play a submissive, secondary role to the Bull.

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Just wanted to announce that my wife is pregnant with a black mans baby. First time out she concieved. We did a mini GB. We invited three African-American men to our bed so this way no one man will feel responsible or ask to be involved. She is currently serching for an African-american male she take as a regular lover.

After 16 years of marriage we were almost at the end. Than my wife cuckolded me by bring home another man. For the first year it was white men only. Than she at my urging decided she wanted a black man. She took it one step beyond and to my surprise said for a long time she has wanted a mixed baby. So we decided what we wanted to do and did it. She talked with a friend whom she works with (who cucks her hubby) her friend intoduced her to the guys. The breeding was an awesome experience. I got to hold her as each man emptied his sperm into her. Cuckolding saved our marriage. I have small penis and have never went more than 10 minutes. Watching my wife with a well endowed male with stamina is the most fulfilling experience of my life. Here are some of her pics:

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